Shuraat Ke Liye

Spinach Pakora$9.00
Vada Pao
Pakwaan with Lentils$14.00
Pappad Ka Pittara $12.00
Fish Fry$17.00
Chicken Fry $17.00
Crispy Prawn $22

Dhabe Ka Tandoori

Murg Tandoori$26.00
Chicken Tikka$22.00
Seekh Kebab$19.00

Veg Kebab

Angaree Panneer Tikka
Cottage Cheese spiced with red chilli & garlic and finished in charcoal fired tandoor.
Dhai Ke Kebab
Hung yogurt patties filled with cheese and then deep fried.
Tandoori Mushroom $17.00

Dhabe Ka Spl. Chatka

Gol Guppe$9.00
Papari Chaat $9.00
Samosa Chaat $9.00

Dhabe Ka Chineese

Crispy Vegetables $14.00
Paneer Chilli $16.00
Gobhi Manchurian$14.00


Chilli Chicken $18.00
Chicken Manchurian $18.00
Pepper Manchurian$17.00


Veg Fried Rice $14.00
Chicken Fried Rice $15.00
Veg Chowmien$15.00
Chicken Chowmien$16.00

Dhabe Ka South Indian

Plain Dosa $12.00
Cheese Dosa $13.00
Masala Dosa$13.00

Dhabe Sharing Platters

Kali Dal with Missi Roti$24.00
Sarso Ka Saag
With Makki Ke Roti
Dhaba Thali
3 Curries with Rice, Roti and Accompaniment

Veg From Dhaba

Kali Dal
Black lentils cooked along with Chana dal topped with dhaba style tarka of butter and spices.
Dal Tarka
Back in India its favrouite dish high in protein one dish without no dhaba menu is complete.
Sarson Ka Saag
Pureed mustard leaves & spinach dish originated from rural Punjab generally cooked in every household of Punjab
Baigan Bhartha
Flame grilled smoked eggplants mashed and perfectlyspiced with cumins and indian
Aalo Bindi Fry
Potatoes and okra pan tossed along with caraway & cumin seeds.
Aaloo Gobhi
Potatoes & cauliflower cooked till tender finished with house grind garam masala.
Paneer Masala
Cottage cheese batons sauteed with onion and tomato mixture.
Cheese Tomato
Cottage Cheese cooked in tomato gravy finished with cream and butter.

Non Veg From Dhaba

Dhaba ka kukad
Chicken on the bone cooked in very traditional style.
Dhaba Da Meat
Baby Lamb slow cooked in a sealed container.

Aangan Specialities

Dal Makhani
Aangan signature dish believe it or not it takes good 24hrs. To make this lentil delicacy.
Punjabi Kofta
A classic Indian recipe of cheese dumplings simmered in a onion and tomato sauce.
Methi Malai Matar
Peas and fenugreek leaves simmered in cashew base sauce.
Balti Paneer
Indian Cottage cheese prepared in a gingery tomato sauce, tossed with sliced onion, capsicum & tomatoes.
Palak Paneer
Indian cottage cheese cooked with a creamy spinach sauce & garnished with ginger juliennes.

Non Veg

Butter Chicken
Chicken marinated in a yoghurt and spice mixture.
Chicken Tikka Butter Masala
Chicken tikka tossed with onion & capiscium & coated in fresh tomato based sauce.
Chicken Korma
Boneless chicken cooked in an almond sauce with spices & garnished with roasted almonds.
Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken flavoured in a homemade vindaloo paste and with a hint of vinegar.
Rogan Josh
Pieces of lamb simmered with yoghurt and spices until tender.

Aangan Specialities

Lamb Korma
Lamb Cooked in Light Creamy Sauce,Finished with Coconut Milk and Cashew Paste
Lamb Vindaloo
A spicy hot dish consisting of Lamb cooked in coconut vinegar and red chillies.
Spicy Prawn Masala
Prawns tossed with dry roasted masala.


Laccha Onion Salad$5
Garden Salad$7.50
Kachumber Salad $7.50
Pudina Chutney$4
Raita Boondi $5
Raita $5


Plain Rice$4
Saffron Rice$5
Mix Veg Pulao $9
Lahsuni Pulao$9

Dhabe da Tandoor

Tandoori Roti$3
Butter Naan with Layers $5
Garlic Naan$4
Missi Roti$3
Laccha Parantha $4

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye

Gulab Jamun$7.50
Ras Malai$7.50
Matka Kulfi $9.50
Chocolate Brownie$12.50


We cannot guarantee any of our dishes as “nuts free”. Please let us know in advance, if you have any type of allergies or follow any strong religious beliefs. We try our best to respect all of our customers, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all the requirements.